Rosemarie’s Story

Three years ago Cause Celebre, along with

Rosemarie Salvatore and Nancy Jackman,

presented a play called The Hairdresser

in the Rossi Salon, an actual hair salon.

Read about Rosemarie’s story,

a story that shows how life imitates art.

As the play unfolds the audience discovers that

a woman, who is about to get her hair cut,

has cancer and that

her hair is actually a wig.

A year later Rosemarie found out

that she hadĀ  breast cancer.

Her life changed

and so did her relationship to the play.

Now, in a series of interviews,

you will be able to hear

Rosemarie’s story and how she is

strongerĀ  than ever.

A story that shows how life

sometimes imitates art.